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Speak Out Revolution - Monthly Subscription


Speak OUT Revolution monthly brings you everything you need to be as abundant as possible with your workshops.

These are the most current workshop topics complete with powerpoint presentations, whiteboard demonstrations, audios, videos and supporting documents.
You are holding in your hand everything you need to prepare and deliver content that fuels your community with the knowledge they need so they can make the most informed wellness decisions, namely, committing to regular, lifetime Chiropractic care for themselves and their families.

Please note: The credit card on file will be charged monthly after your initial subscription purchase.
Because we are building this tool out of a meticulously-chosen hybridity of content, including PowerPoints, live video, professional video, audio, documents, links, etc..., we would really appreciate your patience with any and all minor variations in quality that you may experience over the course of your engagement with this tool.
Thank you. #ALLinTLC

Speak Out Revolution Topics

Titles and Dates may subject to change

  • Prescribed Epidemic - RELEASED September 15
  • Prescribed Epidemic PLUS - video of workshop - October 15 release
  • The BIG THREE: Core Chiropractic Classes, Part 1: Formerly Safety Pin Cycle- renamed What Works - November 15 release
  • What’s Killing Us: Sitting is the New Smoking - December 15 release
  • The BIG THREE: Core Chiropractic Classes, Part 2: Time, Frequency and Intensity- renamed Rhyme and Rhythm - January 15 release
  • Super Immunity - February 15 release
  • The BIG THREE: Core Chiropractic Classes, Part 3:  Formerly Life time Care-My Wellness Journey - March 15 release
  • The Brain Drain and Concussions - April 15 release
  • What’s Killing Us: Pain Management - May 15 release
  • What’s Killing Us: Truth & Consequences - June 15 release
  • #Tech Neck - July 15 release
  • Health Hacks and Tools to Live Well - August 15 release
  • Instagram Abs (Stretch and be Strong) - September 15 release
  • OTHER class titles
    • Care Givers Class
    • Intelligent Body Design and Function
    • Human Maintenance Schedules
    • Secrets of Longevity
    • Comparative Care- Health Options
    • Health 101- tools to live well