Dr. Trea Wessel
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Dr. Trea Wessel

Dr. Trea Wessel

TLC Certified - Trainer

Dr. Trea Wessel is a 2003 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. She practices in Woodbury, TN where she and her incredible husband Jason Barrett have three beautiful children; Courtney, Emma and Eli. Dr. Wessel and her family live on a little farm where they have horses. The family loves riding horses together on trail rides and being outside.

Dr. Wessel joined the TLC family in 2011, since that time she has had great achievements develop.
2021 All in TLC Award

TLC Members she coaches attending TLC events, engaging in What’s App groups and on TLC live conference calls – Showing up at TLC events, TLC calls and What’s App.

For showing up so consistently to connect and train with our family of choice: live at events, in your office with practice tools, on Zoom Calls and pretty much every kind of media and medium imaginable, we, the TLC Community, recognize you. We love you Dr. Trea Wessel!
2018 ADIO Practice Growth Award

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