In Office Evaluation
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In Office Evaluation

You have chosen wisely! Congratulations on your consideration to have Dr. Dean do an in office evaluation. The inside and outside of your house will be observed and commented on. Where necessary, you will be given achievable ways that can enhance your practice.


  • When you look or do something every day, very often you think change is not necessary. Yet, a fresh set of eyes may see something immediately. With his expertise in chiropractic offices, Dr. Dean can do a once over and determine quickly what stands out as "need for improvement".
  • Intensify areas that are not effective or wasteful.
  • A personalized evaluation that is easy to read - categorized by tabs and has a table of contents. Any areas that need addressing will be pointed out.
  • Team dynamics – maybe that little extra push is needed to get your team focused and all working towards that one goal of growing your practice. Dr. Dean has hints that can make this happen.


Do you need help in determining a "Plan of Action"? Categories such as the following are addressed during the evaluation:
  • Outside and Inside of the Building
  • Team and Doctor Observations
  • Office Procedures
  • New Patient Process
  • New Patient Promotion Procedure
  • Big Picture Concepts
  • Equipment

Do you like surprises? Or, do you want us to schedule a time?

If you request an In Office Evaluation, we will work with you on the dynamics. Maybe you like surprises and Dr. Dean will unexpectedly be at your door any time. Or, if you prefer, you can schedule an appointment time that works for you and for Dr. Dean.

After the In Office Evaluation:

A follow up call will be scheduled with you and Dr. Dean about a month after the evaluation to discuss the results. You will receive a comprehensive report that outlines the pluses and minuses that were observed during the evaluation.


If you would like a reference from someone who has had an In Office Evaluation, this will be supplied to you.

Remember that TLC's charter is to help you grow your practice. Don't delay! The time is now to take this important step towards achieving the best for you. We will follow up in a week with a phone call to you. At that time, we can talk about Dr. Dean doing your in office evaluation. Or, if you want to move forward before that time, please call TLC headquarters at 877-TLC-4888 or email