Speak Out Revolution / Speak Out 2020
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Speak Out Revolution / Speak Out 2020

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Speak Out Revolution
These are the most current workshop topics complete with powerpoint presentations, whiteboard demonstrations, audios, videos and supporting documents.
You are holding in your hand everything you need to prepare and deliver content that fuels your community with the knowledge they need so they can make the most informed wellness decisions, namely, committing to regular, lifetime Chiropractic care for themselves and their families.
Speak Out 2020
Each module comes with researched and referenced:
  • Power point presentation filled with research, references and more then enough content, including complete Dr notes to do the entire talk from opening to powerful close
  • Complete audio with opening, content, closing and post talk. This will prepare you each time for the talk you are about to do. This brings to life the content, and reinforces your ability to share the truth
  • New inventory sheets
  • New announcement fliers

Coaches' Favorite!

Sarah Cain - I adore that I can have all of the powerpoints and the research right at my fingertips to edit and change as much as necessary. There is so much information in a Speak Out 2020. You could easily get 3-4 presentations per disc if you divided the information out to 3-7 slides like recommended.

Image Product Price
Speak Out Revolution - What's Killing Us: Sit Less (Download) $55.00
Speak Out Revolution - Rhyme and Rhythm of Healthy Living (Download) $55.00
Speak Out Revolution - Super Immunity (Download) $55.00
Speak Out Revolution - Our Wellness Journey (Download) $55.00
Speak Out Revolution - Brain Drain (Download) $55.00
Speak Out Revolution - What's Killing Us: Pain Management (Download) $55.00
Speak Out Revolution - #TechNeck (Download) $55.00
Speak Out Revolution - Retrospective (Download) $55.00
Speak Out Revolution - Vital Needs (Download) $55.00
Speak Out Revolution - Myths, Truths & Consequences (Download) $55.00
Speak Out Revolution - Health Hacks (Download) $55.00
Speak Out Revolution - Isolation (Download) $55.00
Speak Out Revolution - Longevity (Download) $55.00
Speak Out Revolution - Adjusting Your Intelligence (Download) $55.00
Speak Out Revolution - Fibromyalgia (Download) $55.00
Speak Out Revolution - Worry Less, Know More (Download) $55.00
Speak Out Revolution - Workshop Excellence (Download) $55.00
Speak Out Revolution - Prescribed Epidemic (Download) $55.00
Speak Out Revolution - What Works: The Safety Pin Cycle (Download) $55.00
Speak Out 2020 - Arthritis: At What Expense? (Download) $75.00
Speak Out 2020 - Fountain of Youth: The Choice is Ours (Download) $75.00
Speak Out 2020 - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Fight Back (Download) $75.00
Speak Out 2020 - Fibromyalgia: Stop the Downward Spiral (Download) $75.00
Speak Out 2020 - Headaches: Bearing the Burden (Download) $75.00
Speak Out 2020 - Living with a Healthy Back (Download) $75.00
Speak Out 2020 - Stress: Adapt or Perish (Download) $75.00
Speak Out 2020 - Wellness: It's a Matter of Less of This and More of That (Download) $75.00