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Promotions & Marketing

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TLC recognizes that Promotions and Marketing are no longer options and must never be addressed as such. Our marketing and promotional products support the fact that a Doctors deliberateness and consistency of promotion of "truth" in his/her community is as critically part of healthcare as the very act of the adjustment itself! The audios, videos and extensive supply of written materials define what many have told us is the most ethically rich, NP library of tools, in the entire profession. TLC has redefined the professions position in the community!
10x ROI
Automated Practice Growth
Let us help you make up to $18K more in as little as 12 weeks!
$31 (plus 6% PA Sales Tax)
Teach to Testify and Million Dollar Minutes
Build the referral practice. What better way to grow your practice than to teach your patients to refer to you. Discover the proven, successful steps to a rich consistent referral source – your patients.
$45 (plus 6% PA Sales Tax)
Building Alliances
Building Alliances is the perfect program to grow a referral rich practice from peer professional alliances through both warm and cold leads. The best way to begin it is through your existing patient base.

Thousands of doctors of many different specialties exist everywhere throughout your community. If they do not know you and refer to you, they are not merely not contributing to the growth of your practice, but the gifts and referrals they do have are contributing to the growth of other practices, which may not be as philosophically-rich as your practice. This professional referral program will teach you all the skills necessary to gain millions of dollars of benefits and hundreds and thousands of lives rescued in your community. All you need to do is simply engage the steps contained within.
$275 (plus 6% PA Sales Tax)