Perfect Fit Associateship
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Perfect Fit Associateship


Half of your investment for this tool will be devoted to our Student Fund which provides lodging for students participating in our TLC events. The remaining half will be used to cover the time, energy and money that it takes for us to build your listing and market it continuously until you find your associate or associateship.
There is a 2 Day Return Policy on this Practice Tool. Refunds are only allowed within 2 business days of the order date.
You are searching for an associate for your practice or an associateship and TLC has a portal to share that message out in the profession
We are ardently devoted to coming alongside of and swimming towards you in this transformative and stressful process. You are not alone. Your TLC Community is here to help.

We would like to offer to post your 3 minute promo video searching for an associate/associateship on our website linked to our TLC website.
The details of what you will get ~ Your video shared on or at:
  • Our TLC website and our website for 12 months
  • Our 25+ events where TLC is represented across the country as a video with the link to our web page for further information and links to your practice
  • At our 15 + TLC events
  • We will be sharing it with our administrative contacts at Sherman College of Chiropractic and Life University to be posted on their Career Websites. We will be sharing it with our TLC Student Clubs at Sherman and Life. Specifically, we will be showing your videos in our weekly clubs at both schools.
  • We will be email blasting your listing to all of our three thousand contacts. We will be posting your listing – and in particular your videos – on all of our social media pages. We will be mentioning your listings on all of our conference calls.
Example of an Associate Video:
Please note: A link to download the guidelines for the information you need to provide to us, as well as marketing strategies once your listing is posted, will be included in your confirmation email. You may also access the file on your "View Profile" page (members only). Click "Downloads" link on the TLC Community Menu.
Perfect Fit Associateship Success Story:
Dr. Scott Gardner - Gardner Family Chiropractic