Balanced Prosperity
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Balanced Prosperity

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A continuous and scrupulous stream of current and past research is what TLC delivers in its balanced prosperity products division. We do not stop at merely delivering information. We provide drills on the research so Doctors and CAs can deliver this research to their patients. These very same tools are brought up at seminars where we engage exercises in how the delivery of this truth, knowledge and understanding is the most important part of being a health care provider.
Truth: Proclaim & Prosper
Exposing the truths about chiropractic will increase patients value in the care you provide. Our chiropractic teams and patients alike need "truths exposing the truths about chiropractic". The public is seeking "truths" and we chiropractors must be equipped to provide them what they are seeking. Otherwise, another profession will step up and fill our space. Use "Truths" and grow your practice.
$59 (price includes 6% PA Sales Tax)
Fundamentals of Philosophy
Fundamentals of Philosophy helps you define your philosophy, apply it to your practice, train your team, and educate your patients. The overlapping of the science of chiropractic with philosophy results in clarity for you as the doctor and for our profession.
$132.50 (price includes 6% PA Sales Tax)
Financial Freedom
1. Personal Financial Assessment Module
2. Debt Obliteration and Wealth Accumulation Module
3. Investing in Your Account Module
4. Financial Mindset Overview Module
5. Care Plans Module
6. Growing Your Business Module
7. Delivery of Finances Module
8. Financial House Clean up Module
9. Financial CA Workbook Module
$451 (price includes 6% PA Sales Tax)