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TLC Event Testimonials

TLC Leadership Camps/Intensives

Financial Camp - October 23-24, 2020
past camps/intensives
Leadership Camp Recommendation
Leadership Camp - Dr Kurt & Nicole Pepperell
Leadership Camp - Dr Suzi Schulman & Dr Shirley Espinoza
Scripting Intensive - Dr Bill Thimmel
Leadership Camp - Dr Rich Santangelo
"Just wanted to thank you both for a terrific program this weekend. I now have much better insight into the scripts and process and am excited to get it down and implement more and more. This was one of my favorite TLC weekends so far. Jen's closing really was the icing on the cake. We touched on a number of topics I had questions or issues with and it helped me to shift my perspective. Great job. I appreciate the vision, discipline and dedication you both bring to what you do and am glad to be a part of the TLC family."

~ Dr. Kim Stetzel
"WOW! What a great weekend. I am not just patting you on the back. THIS was different. I have been to 3 or 4 of these. THE CONFERENCE FORMERLY KNOW AS THE SCRIPTING INTENSIVE, I guess is tooooooo long a name. Don't you think? lol I think a working name like "World Conversion Conference", "Community Conversion Conference", "PVA Conference", The new name should be brain stormed with the coaches. The name needs to embody the Trilogy of Communications (WHO is saying it, HOW they are saying it, and What they are saying). In other words, the Heart of the Person, the Art of Communicating, and the actual Words Spoken.
Previous Scripting Intensives only covered the words; the least important of the trilogy. You may have heard that 10% of communications comes from what we say and 90% comes from how we say it. Well , I believe that to be inaccurate. It is 10% what we say, 40% how we say it, and 50% who says it. The greatest recruiter in the world had one of the worst scripts ever. His script would gag any professional script writer. He said, " You, follow me." It was Jesus the Christ. It was not what He said; it was all that He was. And so it is with us. Who are we? This is more important than knowing the scripts. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEKEND.
We worked on the scripts. We worked on the delivery. BUT, the revelation of who we are and who we need to become was discovered in a safe and loving environment. Dean strategically set the stage for 24 hours and you came for the last two hours and stripped away the layers of our being, to the core, revealing the truth. And the TRUTH IS LOVE. When a patient sees this, then they TRUST. Then and only then can we work on the other 50% of communications. Dean could have never closed those two hours like you did. You could have never set the stage the first 24 hours like he did. But together, IT WAS POETRY IN MOTION. Now,,,,,, Is it reproducible? I hope and pray, for the sake of our members, it is."

~ Dr. Richard Santangelo

TLC Seminars

Balance Seminar - Dr Linn Erickson
"I left the weekend feeling inspired about Chiropractic, our practice and possibilities. However, listening to Cathy gave me great hope and inspiration. Thanks so much for helping them to get to that point and then for helping Cathy share that with all of us – just so powerful."

~ Dr. Kim Stetzel
"What a GREAT experience this weekend was!
Between the PEARLs, the stories, and the CA class... and did I say the PEARLS? This was by far the best TLC experience EVER! It focused on the heart of the chiropractor and the heart of the CA and it gave purpose to all TLC procedures. We opened up this morning with more energy fueling our purpose than ever before."

~ Melissa with Team Santangelo