Selfless Service Award
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TLC's Brent Levin Selfless Service Award

These members of our family:

  • Go above and beyond sharing chiropractic with the world
  • See people’s need and show up for them meaningfully
  • Value others and act on their behalf consistently
  • Focus on process not outcome
  • Sacrifice their self for the greatest good of everyone around them
  • Raise others up
  • Embody chiropractic principles in every aspect of their lives

Dr. Brent Levin


Dr. Tara Scharich

Dr. Reyna LeVan

Dr. Trea Wessel

Dr. Zach Brown

Dr. Gary Shoemaker

Dr. Sam Ayan

Dr. Gregg Rubinstein

Dr. Stephen Genthner

Dr. Ashley Genthner

Dr. Jeff McGunnigle