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We invite you to equip yourself with cutting-edge, vitalistic research, as we emerge from this madness into a 'brave new world' of health-conscious communities, by tapping this link to visit our TLC4Superteams Facebook Page where Dr. Jen goes Live every day at 6 pm EST, for her '6 Minutes of Science':

Tap here to experience her previous shares:

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We would like to share with you how elated we are to be hosting our TDP Seminar in HYBRID format (Live-In-Person & Direct2U)!

A-N-D, because of this never-ending C19 nightmare, we are unable to be flexible if you arrive at the Live-In-Person event without having registered. Specifically, the hotel we are hosting the seminar at will not allow us to exceed 172 people in the conference room (including the TLC Coaching team).

WE ARE ALREADY AT CAPACITY and there are no other available conference rooms in the facility.

To that end, if you think you registered already (Live-In-Person or Direct2U), please check your inbox for a registration confirmation email from us. And if you can't find it, please contact Jaime here at HQ (215-657-1701 or She is happy to help!

Also, we are making arrangements for an Overflow Event at HQ with the TLC Chiro Team and several Coaches. This would allow us to accommodate any of you who plan on coming Live-In-Person but are unable to register or check in with Jaime.

Lastly, if you, your team, family, or visitors have any dietary restrictions, please tap this link to download our DIETARY RESTRICTIONS FORM, fill it out and send it to immediately